P R I C E  G U I D E

SKETCHES (rough black and white)
1st character = 20$ usd.

INKED (black and white)
include one previous fast sketch
1st character = 40$ usd.

DUOTONE shadows (2 or 3 colors)
include two previous fast sketches
1st character = 65$ usd.

include one previous fast sketch
1st character = 80$ usd.

REALISTIC style (photoreference for the face)
include two or three previous fast sketches
1st character = 100$ usd.

include two or three previous fast sketches
1st character = 140$ usd.

50% more each additional character.

When you tell me exactly what you want I will tell you exactly my price

For my service I only take money and payment will only be made through paypal.

The request process:
1. Send me an e-mail and explain whatever it is you want me to paint. It would be nice if you can provide some details and/or references of the character.

2. I can draw almost anything, but I have my preferences, strong and weak points. It’s fun to draw bdsm, fetish, Sci-fi, superheroes, cartoon… but I don’t like Yaoi and dickgirl, gore or …cows. Unless you are willing to pay extra for it.

3. If your request is accepted I will contact you through e-mail to confirm your request. Once confirmed then we will move on to the payment process. Half payment in advance!

4. When I have received the advance then I will send you a couple of sketches of the idea that we have discussed on, we can do adjustments until you are satisfied. When everything is OK then I produce the finished drawing, that I send you low res. After that you paid me the other half and I send you the high res. That’s all!

The whole process can take about a week or less if the communication is fluent.

(Addendum: I have the right to post your commission in my gallery for self-advertising or use it in my books, etc. If you don’t want me to show it to the world, etc. we can adjust the terms of the agreement by email)